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100+ Women Who Care NRV donates over $10,000 to NRV Glean Team
Roanoke Times:  In keeping with its mission to support causes that benefit not-for-profit groups specifically within the area, the 100+ Women Who Care NRV voted to donate their most recent contribution to the New River Valley Glean Team.


News Messenger:  The 100+ Women Who Care New River Valley reached a milestone recently in its ongoing charitable work with a gift of $11,100 to Valley Interfaith Child Care Center, which brought the organization’s donations since its inception in 2016 to more than $250,000.


Roanoke Times: Since its inception in the spring of 2016, the 100+ Women Who Care NRV has gained momentum and continued to power through the pandemic, surpassing a milestone of more than $250,000 donated with its most recent gift of $11,100 to Valley Interfaith Child Care Center.


WDBJ7:  Work to restore the historic Edgar A. Long building - which was a part of the former Christiansburg Industrial Institute - began a few weeks ago.

Debbie Sherman-Lee said the project has been made possible thanks to many donations, including from the Town of Christiansburg, Town of Blacksburg, Montgomery County, 100+ Women Who Care, the Secular Society and many more.


Roanoke Times:  To help counter the cold temperatures descending upon the New River Valley, the 100+ Women Who Care NRV elected the Woodchucks of Blacksburg Presbyterian Church to receive the group’s quarterly donation of more than $14,500 to provide firewood to those in need, including $2,500 contributed by a generous anonymous donor.


Roanoke Times:  With deserving not-for-profits making such a profound impact on lives in the New River Valley, it was only a matter of time until the 100+ Women Who Care NRV membership voted in a rare tie to split the total donation between two organizations at their most recent quarterly meeting.


News Messenger:  The Montgomery County Educational Foundation conducted a poetry and creative writing contest among Montgomery County school students to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Sponsorship was provided by the 100+ Women Who Care of New River Valley.


News Messenger: A $17,000 gift from a local group of philanthropic women is giving a boost to the efforts to restore the historic Edgar A. Long building, former home of the Christiansburg Institute.

The New River Valley Chapter of 100+ Women Who Care presented a check for $12,000 from its members and an additional $5,000 donation from the Secular Society to Christiansburg Institute Inc. on Tuesday at the historic building in Christiansburg. The funds will be used toward the replacement of the roof of the building.


Roanoke Times:  The New River Valley Chapter of the 100+ Women Who Care is pleased to announce it has awarded last quarter’s donation to Pulaski Grow. With more than $11,000 raised by the members and an additional $5,000 provided by The Secular Society’s generous match, Pulaski Grow received a total of more than $16,000 following the October meeting.


Roanoke Times:  The 100+ Women Who Care NRV has presented its recent quarterly donation to the Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program. With the 100+ WWC’s membership of more than 100 women and the additional $5,000 from The Secular Society’s generous 50 percent match, MCEAP received more than $15,000 for gaining the support of the majority of 100+ WWC NRV members’ votes.


Roanoke Times:  At the 100+ Women Who Care NRV Spring Quarter meeting, the Montgomery County Educational Foundation received the majority vote to receive more than $10,000 from group members and $5,000 from the 50 percent match by The Secular Society. In addition, an anonymous donor stepped forward to provide a dollar-for-dollar match of the original $15,000 raised for a grand total of more than $30,000!


Roanoke Times:  A $15,000 contribution to Valley Interfaith Child Care Center for the 2018 winter quarter helped 100+ Women Who Care NRV surpass the milestone of $100,000 in total donations since its launch two years ago.


News Messenger:  Since its launch two years ago, the 100+ Women Who Care NRV has raised in excess of $100,000 for local not-for-profits serving the New River Valley.

To date, members have heard presentations from 21 organizations, learning about various needs throughout the community and how potential contributions would be utilized.


News Messenger:  The 100+ Women Who Care is a group of women who each pledge to contribute $100 every quarter, pooling the contributions, and then voting to choose an NRV non-profit to support.

At the last meeting, the Blacksburg Refugee Partnership received the most votes and accepted a cash donation of more than $15,000.


News Messenger:  Public school children in the New River Valley will now have a greater opportunity to experience college campus life with a current student in College Mentors for Kids, thanks to a $15,200 donation from the 100+ Women Who Care NRV Chapter.


Roanoke Times:  The New River Valley Chapter of the 100+ Women Who Care is pleased to announce it has achieved membership of 100 women, truly living up to its name! Membership is not capped at 100, and the “plus” means the group is always open to welcoming more women who are interested in making a difference in the NRV.


Roanoke Times:  With even more members joining the ranks of the 100+ Women Who Care, the group exceeded $12,000 in funds raised for the Community Health Center of the New River Valley in just one hour at their quarterly meeting last month.


Roanoke Times:  The 100+ Women Who Care NRV Chapter more than doubled their kickoff donation amount by raising more than $10,000 for The Sisters Foundation at their last meeting.


Roanoke Times:  A New River Valley philanthropic group is expanding its membership and means for collecting money.

The 100+ Women Who Care NRV, which held its first meeting on April 19, has grown to more than 60 members and recently reached an agreement with a Blacksburg-based nonprofit, The Secular Society, to match 50 percent of their donations, up to $5,000, each quarter for the next three years, according to a press release from the group.

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Roanoke Times:  Fresh off their inaugural meeting, the 100+ Women Who Care–New River Valley recently donated $5,000 to Children’s Museum of Blacksburg, according to group co-founder Sarah Black.


WDBJ7:  A new group throughout the New River Valley began meeting Tuesday night to raise tens of thousands of dollars every year for local charities.

The 100+ Women Who Care New River Valley Chapter brings committed members together to donate $100 each to these organizations four times per year.


A new group aims to simplify the giving process for people in the New River Valley.e

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