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Which organizations can be sponsored?

In order to be considered at a meeting, the organization must be based in and support the New River Valley area or be a local branch of a national organization that will guarantee to utilize all donations locally. Recipients must be 501(c)(3) organizations or have a similar designation that indicates they are tax-deductible organizations. The organization must not be controversial, religious, or political in nature.

What is a 501(c)(3)?
A 501(c)(3) is defined as "exemptions that apply to corporations, and any community chest, fund or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, educational purposes, to foster national or international amateur sports competition, promote the arts, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals."  For the purposes of 100+ Women Who Care, all groups up for consideration must be local. 


Is my contribution tax-deductible? 

Yes, your contribution will be tax-deductible. Donations are made DIRECTLY to the local organization, NOT to 100+ Women Who Care. Please contact your tax adviser or visit the IRS Website for further information.


How is the organization that receives the donation chosen?
A member who has signed the Commitment Form completes and submits a Charitable Organization Fact Sheet via email at least one week before the meeting. We vet each submitted organization through the IRS, the SCC, and Guidestar to ensure eligibility. The Charitable Organization Fact Sheet must only be filled out once unless it needs updating. However, members need to send an email at least one week before the meeting to indicate the organization wants to be presented at the upcoming meeting. 100+ WWC NRV coordinators will enter the organization along with the member’s name into the bucket.

Any given organization may only be submitted into a bucket once per meeting. Three organizations are drawn from the bucket at each meeting, and members will present for five minutes each in the order drawn. Only members may give the five-minute presentation. One non-member representative from the organization may assist with Q&A, which is time set aside following the presentation to address any questions the membership may have before casting their votes. Further promotion of the group’s cause is not permitted during Q&A.

If your organization is selected, the funds go directly to them - immediately impacting the organization! Please ask the charity's representative to post their experience with 100+ Women Who Care New River Valley on their social media sites and in their newsletters.

A representative from the selected organization is expected to attend the next meeting to briefly update our members about how the money they received was used. The organization must also provide donors with appropriate tax documentation, including the organization's tax ID and the amount received from each donor.

What if I cannot attend a meeting?  

If a member cannot attend a meeting, she has four choices: 

1) Donate via Grapevine
here, our online giving platform! Just follow the directions in this link, and you can make your donation quickly and easily, without having to submit a paper check or cash.


2) She can send a blank, signed check, written out for $100 with 100+ Women Who Care on the memo line with a trusted friend to the meeting. The friend will write in the name of the charity that is chosen and give the check to the organizers on her behalf. The friend may vote on behalf of the absent member.


3) She can mail in a blank, signed check, written out for $100 with 100+ Women Who Care on the memo line via USPS directly to the organizer as far before the meeting as possible to ensure that her donation will be bundled with the attendees' contributions and deposited by the charity in a timely manner.


4) Following the meeting, she can write out a $100 check directly to the selected organization and mail it to the 100+ WWC NRV organizer. Checks mailed after the recipient is announced should be received no later than one week following the meeting to be included in our grand total.

We also accept cash.


Can I just send the donation to the charity myself?
No. The goal of 100+ Women Who Care is to make a large donation on behalf of the whole group. We want to be able to support this endeavor and give $10,000 or more at a time to make a large impact in our community, with each member's donation being part of the larger donation.


How long do the meetings last?
Business meetings generally last from 45 minutes up to no longer than 60 minutes. Because we are currently meeting on Zoom, the business meeting will end at the 60-minute mark. However, members who attend in person are welcome to socialize before and after the business meeting.


Can I bring a friend to the meeting?

Of course! Guests are welcome to attend meetings and decide whether or not to join. Guests may donate without becoming members, but only members may vote and present.

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