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How do we do what we do?

Here is a short video that does a terrific job explaining 100+ Women Who Care.

  • Business meetings are always one hour or less, but time is allotted for socializing before and after the business meeting.

  • Each member commits to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per year). 

  • You can donate online at our Grapevine page by clicking here. You can bring cash or a blank check (written out directly to the selected charity after the vote, NOT to 100+ Women Who Care) to each meeting. If you can't attend, you may give your cash or check to another member to deliver on your behalf or mail it in.  Your friend can vote on your behalf if you wish.

  • All donations will only be given to New River Valley charities or the local branch of a national organization. Contributions must be utilized 100% locally.

  • No controversial organizations will be considered.

  • Any committed member may submit a charity into the bucket. Three organizations will be drawn from a bucket at each meeting. (See FAQs for more details on this process.)

  • Each presenter (must be a committed member) will be given five minutes to make a presentation at the meeting.

  • A Q&A session will take place immediately following the three presentations and directly preceding member voting.

  • The group will vote by anonymous ballot and the majority rules. Even if your choice does not win, all members will make their donations to the same winning charity.

  • If you present a charity and it is not selected, you are eligible to resubmit the charity in the drawing at the next meeting.

  • Winning charities must wait for eight donation cycles (typically two years) to be eligible for election again.

  • Any given organization may only be submitted into the bucket ONCE per meeting.

  • The charity must agree not to use members' names for future solicitations or share the information in any way. If the charity does not adhere to this condition, it will be removed from future consideration. The charity is required to send a representative to the next meeting to describe how the funds have been used.


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