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McClain's at First and Main Blacksburg, Stadium Room (near the bowling alley)

Local Charitable Organizations Highlight - January 2024

Laundry Love

"Love. Dignity. Detergent” is the mission statement of Laundry Love. Laundry love was started 20 years ago in response to a homeless individual living in Ventura California. When he was asked by a community member how he might be helped in a meaningful way. He responded “ If I had clean clothes to wear, people would treat me more like a human being“. Together these 2 individuals co-founded Laundry Love which now has over 200 chapters nationwide. The New River Valley chapter began in 2015 hosted by Glade Church.


Laundry Love consists of regular opportunities to help people struggling financially by assisting them with the quarters they need to do their laundry. We see the laundromat as a place where strangers become friends, people are known by name, hope is fostered, and the worth of every human being is acknowledged and celebrated.” Glade Church currently hosts Laundry Love 3 times a month at the laundromat on N. Main St in Blacksburg. With this wonderful donation from the 100+ WWC we can continue to do this and expand our days and hours to better serve these individuals and families. 


$10,000 = 40,000 quarters = 4000 loads of laundry! All donated funds will contribute directly to the washing of clothes.

Inmate Family Assistance of the NRV

Inmate Family Assistance of the NRV (IFA of the NRV) helps families of inmates stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones by helping to fund their loved ones' inmate accounts.  We founded IFA of the NRV after our son was incarcerated in local and regional jails in Virginia.  It was through his experience that he made us aware that there are many families who cannot afford the expensive costs of telephone charges which would enable them to stay in touch.  In addition, inmates need to buy hygiene items and extra food and many families can't afford these costs either.  Because maintaining contact with your incarcerated loved one is so important for both the inmate and the family, we decided we could do something to help.  We currently work with families with inmates at the Montgomery County jail who need help funding their telephone/commissary accounts.  For each month that the jail confirms an inmate is eligible per their indigent guidelines,  we will put $40 in their account so that they can contact family and buy necessary hygiene items. Getting a call from an incarcerated loved one gives the family the peace of mind they need and gives the inmate the support they need.  


In addition to our core purpose of keeping families in touch with their incarcerated loved ones, we have recently partnered with Mountain View Humane to help families with incarcerated loved ones with fees for their pets.  Spaying and neutering and other well-visit services are often expensive and families who may have already lost one of their income providers struggle with pet care as well.  We believe that pets are an integral part of a family and that they provide needed emotional support, especially when a family is dealing with the incarceration of a family member.

Learning in Love

Learning in Love is a Church on Main after-school tutoring program for the Adam's Marke Mobile Park  on Merrimac Road in Blacksburg. The church rents a mobile home at 442 Adam's Marke Drive. This school community attends PFES, BMS, and BHS.   Now in its eighth year we tutor 20 elementary students twice weekly after picking them up from the bus stop and approximately 12 secondary students on Monday evenings.  Over time we have become known as a community center for this housing mobile park beyond tutoring. While the church supports the monthly mobile home rent and utilities/internet we lack clothing funds for our secondary students and emergency situations for other children and individuals who live or move into Adam's Marke. We would like to shop for the secondary students (elementary only when needed) twice a year (similar to Micah's Closet). Middle and high schoolers especially need shoes and want to fit in with their peers at school. We need also need clothing funds for other families in the community when emergencies arise. People often move in with other families with no resources or clothing. Funding would allow us to provide such resources.

Your Donations at Work

Laundry Love - January 2024

Literacy NRV - October 2023

Intellectual Disabilities Agency of the NRV - August 2023

Calfee Comm. & Cultural Center - April 2023

AAF Roanoke (Buzz4Good) - January 2023

Micah's Soup for Seniors - October 2022

Community Health Center of the NRV - July 2022

The Arc of the NRV - April 2022

Women's Resource Center of the NRV - January 2022

Montgomery Museum of Art and History - October 2021

Bean and Rice - July 2021

Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program (MCEAP) - April 2021

Inmate Family Assistance of the NRV - January 2021

NRV Glean Team - October 2020

Valley Interfaith Child Care Center (VICCC) - July 2020

No meeting due to COVID-19 - April 2020

To Our House - January 2020

Bobcat Backpacks - October 2019

Woodchucks - July 2019

Carilion Clinic Hospice NRV - April 2019

NRV Agency on Aging - April 2019

Christiansburg Institute, Inc. - January 2019

Pulaski Grow - October 2018

Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program (MCEAP) - July 2018

Montgomery County Educational Foundation (MCEF) - April 2018

Valley Interfaith Child Care Center (VICCC) - January 2018

Blacksburg Refugee Partnership - October 2017

Ride-a-Rescue - July 2017

College Mentors for Kids - VT - April 2017

Montgomery County Educational Foundation (MCEF) - January 2017

Community Health Center of the New River Valley - October 2016

Sisters Foundation - July 2016
Children's Museum of Blacksburg (now Wonder Universe) - April 2016

Montgomery County Educational Foundation (MCEF)
Montgomery County Emergency Assistance Program (MCEAP)
Blacksburg Interfaith Food Pantry

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