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Giving is easy

Recently, as I started out to enjoy a walk with some friends, I opened the Charity Miles app on my phone to track my walk and make a donation to The World Wildlife Federation. Somehow, (probably saw it in one of the myriad magazines I read) I learned about this app which donates money to one of over 40 charities for every mile walked, run, or biked indoors or out.

After the walk, I stopped at Kroger for a few dinner items. Most, if not all of us, use the Kroger Plus Shoppers card. Users of this card can designate a local organization to which a percentage of their purchases is donated.

Later on that same day, I went online to do some shopping. As many of you likely know, Amazon has a sister site, Amazon Smile, that donates a small percentage of your purchases to the charity of your choice. I have made it a habit to shop from this site when I use Amazon.

Then, an idea occurred to me. Why not research what other apps and activities would make a donation for something I'm already doing? Granted these are small amounts. But, small amounts add up to larger ones when hundreds of thousands of users sign up to contribute. How awesome is it that there are ways to give back to our community, our country and the world without doing anything other than what we do regularly? So, with that in mind, here is a short list of vetted apps that you can consider using. Maybe you know of others. If so, let us know so we can spread the word to our members.

100+ Women Who Care - NRV members are passionate about giving, and, like women all over the world only have so much time to do it in. Let's use our time wisely.


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